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Businessman Heads to Court on Theft Charges | News

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Businessman Heads to Court on Theft Charges

A man was headed to a Snyder County court Friday on theft and fraud charges. The assistant district attorney said he tried to make amends with some of the people police said from whom he stole.

The Snyder County assistant district attorney said Kurt Keiper repaid three victims but still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars for promising vehicles that were paid for but never delivered.

Kurt Keiper, 39, is the owner of Summit Transportation. Investigators said Keiper scammed some businesses in central Pennsylvania and in others states out of close to $375,000. Charges against Keiper were bound over for trial.

One of the alleged victims, Robert Walter, was also in court. Walter said he bought construction equipment from Keiper for about $26,000 but never got it. Although he just received a check from Keiper, Walter said he's still upset.

"Excuse after excuse. I purchased it March. It was supposed to be picked up the second week in April but it didn't show, and didn't show up and every time I called him I would get a different excuse," said Walter.

William Newton, from Virginia brought three vehicles from Keiper for about $68,000. Newton said he never received his vehicles or his money back. "I either want my money or I want him in jail. That's the way it should be. He can't tell the truth. He's the kind of guy that rather walk five miles and tell a lie than stand still and tell the truth," said Newton.

Snyder County assistant district attorney said this isn't the first time Keiper been in trouble. He was convicted years ago of theft and writing bad checks in both Luzerne and Lackawanna counties.

"At some point in time restitution alone is not sufficient but on the other side of coin we want all of the victims to be made whole," said Michael Hudock, Snyder County assistant district attorney.

The Snyder County assistant district attorney says this is an ongoing investigation and there could be more victims out there.


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