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No Pets on Certain County Properties | News

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No Pets on Certain County Properties

If you take your dog for a walk in Snyder County, you better make sure you keep Fido off county property.

Even though it’s public property, pets are a no-no at some places.

Donavan Spotz lives right across the street from a district court office in Middleburg.  He has six dogs and just found out he is not allowed to walk them on certain properties owned by Snyder County, including the one across the street.

“Any good dog owner is going to pick up after their dog. To stop them from walking past a courthouse is just a little ridiculous,” Spotz said.

On Tuesday, Snyder County commissioners passed an ordinance that prohibits pets on certain county-owned properties, including the courthouse, district courts and the Snyder County 911 Center.

Commissioner Joseph Kantz said the ordinance protects the safety of people in Snyder County.  He said there were recent reports of dogs lunging at people outside the courthouse.

“One was an elderly lady who was coming to the courthouse.  If I see a risk like that time after time I’ve got to deal with that as a county commissioner,” said Commissioner Kantz.

Commissioners said there are some exceptions to the new ordinance.  Service dogs are allowed to be on county-owned property, and when people come to town for the Middleburg Dog Show they are allowed to have their pets in the parking lot at the courthouse.

“I don’t think they should be allowed to tell people where they can and can’t walk their dogs, but for safety purposes I think it’s a good idea,” said Judy Crossgrove of Middleburg.

The new ordinance takes effect immediately.  The commissioners said people can still walk their pets on the sidewalk in front of the county-owned properties, they just can’t bring them onto the properties.

The Snyder County sheriff will enforce the ordinance, which carries fines up to $300 for violations.


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